Vampire Book List

Vampyros Lesbos, the exquisite Soledad Miranda.

Vampyros Lesbos, the exquisite Soledad Miranda.

Going through my childhood and adolescent diaries I came across a few book lists dedicated to themes of vampirism. These I created myself in the early 1990s, unfortunately I haven’t read them all! Popular authors to the more obscure, I just thought it would be somewhat interesting to publish the full homemade list. If you’ve read them all, or even some, leave your thoughts below! Keep in mind this is pre Buffy, True Blood, Twilight and Vampire Diaries.

Anne Rice – author
Stephen King – author
James Herbert – author
‘I, Vampire’, Jody Scott, The Women’s Press.
‘Dracula’s Brood’, Richard Dalby 1987, 1989, Equation, England.
‘The Wizard of the Mountain’, William Gilbert, in Dracula’s Brood.
‘Within a Silken Thread’, Eliza Lynn Linton, 1880, in Dracula’s Brood.
‘The Dracula Centenary book, Peter Haining, Souvenir Press, London, 1987.
‘The Vampyre’, John William Polidori, 1819.
Edgar Allen Poe – Author.
Bram Stoker – Author.
‘The Hunger’.
‘The Annotated Dracula’ Prf. Leonard Wolf, 1975.
‘A Biography of Dracula’, Harry Ludlam, 1962.
‘Vampyros Lesbos’, Jess Franco.
\’he Man who wrote Dracula’, Danial Farson, 1975.
‘The Search of Dracula’, Raymond T. McaNally Y Radu Florescue, 1972.
‘The Land Beyond the FOrest, Mme Emily de Laszowska Gerard, 1888, about Transylvanian superstitions.
‘The Bloody countess’, Valentin Pensorse 1962
‘The Dracula Myth’, Gabriel Ronay, 1972.
‘Dracula was a woman’, Raymond McNally, 1985.
‘The Vampire in Legend, Fact and Art’, Basil Copper, 1973.
‘The Natural History of the Vampire’, Anthony Masters, 1972, Hard-Davis.
‘The Vampire: His Kith & Kin’, Montague Summers (Kegan Paul), 1928.
‘The Vampire in Europe’, Montague Summers, 1928.
‘Vampires and Vampirism’, Dudley Wright, 1924, Rider.
‘The Heart of Miranda’, H.B. Mariott watson, 1899.
‘Stories Weird & Wonderful’, Hume Nisbet, 1900.
‘For Maurice: Five unlikely Tales’ Vernon Less (pseudonym for Violet Paget), 1927.
‘The Book of Werewolves: Being an account of a terrible superstition’, Sabine Barin-Gould, 1865, reports of vampires & wolfmen.
‘The Elemental: Tales of the Supernormal and the Inexplicable’ Ulric Evan Daubeny, 1919.

and ones for kids?

‘The Dracula Scrapbook’
‘The Little Vampire Moves In’
‘The Dracula Centenary book’
‘Vampires don’t wear polka dots’
‘The Vampires revenge’
‘Prisoner of Vampires’
‘End of the Vampires’
‘The Curse of the Vampires Socks’
The Story of Vampires’
‘Vampires Picture Books’
‘The Space Vampires’
‘The Midnight People’
‘Digital Vampires’
‘The Book of Vampires’
‘Monster Tales’


Andy Warhol – I need the blood of a wirgin! Nope, not around here!

And Movies..

‘Dracula’, Bela Lugosi, 1931, Universal.
‘Dracula AD 1972, Christopher Lee.
‘Dracula’, Frank Langella, 1979.
‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’, Lil Dagoer & Conrad Veidt (German)
‘Noseratu’, FW Murnau, 1922.
‘Dracula’, Carlos Villarias & Edwuardo Aruzamena (Spanish), 1931.
‘Mark of the Vampire’, Bela Lugosi & Carol Borland, 1935.
‘Horror of Dracula’, Christopher Lee, Hammer Horror, 1958.
‘Dracula, prince of Darkness, Christopher lee, 1965.
‘Dracula has rise from the Grave’, Christopher Lee, 1968 (or ‘Dracula’s Revenge’)
‘Taste the Blood of Dracula’, Christopher Lee, 1969.
‘Scars of Dracula’, 1970
‘Dracula Chases the Mini Girls’
‘the Satanic Rites of Dracula’ Hammer Horror, 1973.
‘El Conde Dracula’, 1970
‘Son of Dracula’, Lon Chaney Jr, and Louise Albritton, 1943.
‘House of Dracula, John Carradine, 1945.
‘House of Frankenstein’, John Carradine, 1944.
‘The Return of the Vampire’, Matt Willis & Bela Lugosi, 1944.
‘The Return of Dracula’, Francis Lederer, 1958.
‘Count Dracula’, Philip Savill, Louis Jourdan, 1978.
‘Blacula’, William Marshall, 1972.
‘Nosferatu’ , Werner Herzog, Klaus Kinski, 1972.
‘Vampyres’, 1974, Essay Films.
‘Scream Blacula Scream’, 1973, Marshall.
‘Deafula’, 1975, Singapore.
‘Count Yorga, Vampire’, 1970, Robert Quarry.
‘The Return of Count Yorga’, 1971, Robert Quarry.
‘Salem’s Lot’, 1979.
‘The Hunger’, 1983.
‘Dracula’s Dog’, 1977. (Zoltan the dog)
‘Dracula’s Daughter’, Gloria Holden, 1936.
‘Countess Dracula’, Ingrid Pitt, Hammer Horror, 1970.
‘The Vampire Lovers’, Ingrid Pitt, 1970.
‘Kiss of the Vampire’, Don Shapr, 1962.
‘Ceremonia Sangrienta’, Lucia Bose, 1972. Spanish.
‘Dance of the Vampires’, Cadre Films, Roman Polanski, 1967.
‘Vampire Circus’, 1971, Hammer.
‘Martin’, John Mdas, Braddock Associates, 1976.
‘Dracula’, Andy Warhol, Roman Polanski, 1973.
‘Lust for a Vampire’, Michel Johnson, Hammer Horror, 1970.
‘Vamp’, Grace Jones, 1986.
‘Twins of Evil’, Hammer, 1971.
‘Reequiem pour un Vampire’, Sex Vampires’, Jean Rollins, 1971.
‘L’amante del Vampiro (The Vampire’s Lover)’, Maria Luisa Roland, 1960s, Italian.
‘L’Ultima Pred del Vapmpiro (The Last Victim of teh Vampire)’, Water Brandi, 1960s, Italian.

Nosferatu - the truth is not so pretty.

Nosferatu – the truth is not so pretty.