I am lucky enough to have in my personal library a book entitled ‘The Mourner’s Friend or Sighs of Sympathy For Those Who Sorrow’. It is a collection of prose and verse compiled to give comfort to the grieving. Edited by J.B. Syme, published in 1852 by S.A. Howland in Worcester, Mass, USA; its contents are by American and European authors and some surprising famous names. My copy of the book has some water damage, ageing paper, and precarious binding, so before it deteriorates my project to preserve the words of the authors will find its way here on the MOLAM blog.


FLOW, tears ! Ye have a spell,
A gentle spell, which weaves
Itself o’er my sad heart,
And it dull woe relieves.

Ye are all eloquent,
In your soft, silent flow ;
when, lone and musingly,
I feel my heart sink low.

Ye soothe the aching sense
Of pain, which pressing weights
Upon the troubled soul,
And all its youth decays.

Ye are not for the gaze
Of the cold, scornful eye ;
No mocking look shall rest,
None know, – but purity.

And ye shall mingle
With the dews of even ;
Soft pity may descend
And bear ye up to heaven ;-

May tell how I have wept,
Have agonized alone,
While “rainbow-tinted hopes”
Have faded, one by one,

And, sadder far than all,
The burning anguish wrung
by sin, whose withering touch
Upon my spirit hung ;

And left her taint accurst ,-
Grieving the Holy Dove,
Which fondly hovered there,
An earnest of God’s love.

Flow, tears ! flow on, and calm
This troubled, aching breast ;
your mournful tenderness
Lulls agony to rest.

hope gushes with you ;
Telling of that fair land
Where tears are wiped away
For aye, by God’s own hand.

I will believe, and live.
The cross of Christ I take;
My God accepts my tears
For his dear Jesus’ sake !

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