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Miss April Advises: Iva Badd-Phelan, voting day & candied dates

Dear Miss April,

I’m wondering if you have a recipe for Candied Dates. I cant seem to find a sure fire one. Maybe you could ask about for me.

It’s a good time to refresh the larder. I hear there is an election coming between now and eternity, so what better rations than a good stock of fresh Candied Dates. I find they give the day more energy than the usual nuts and when they are dished out no one can stop talking about them.

I could head out to the long queues on polling day and hand them out to the weary public, assuming they havent been consumed already or gone rancid in the mean time. Some find them cloying, some report they go “right through you”, others like the lingering mouth feel, but everyone loves to give them a go.

Whats not to like about a sweet, well preserved fruit?

Ms. Iva Badd-Phelan

Dear Ms Iva Badd-Phelan

Haven’t we all?

Well, Election Day welcomes us with wet grimaces and vice-grip embraces this Spring Saturday, and I do hope you proceed with your exquisite plan for sweet preserves. I would like nothing more than to be greeted by you at the local booth. I could do with an injection of joie de vivre and open jar on that particular morn.

In terms of a recipe, I direct you toward the interweb device and search for a traditional Middle-Eastern recipe with an exotic cardamom for a pleasing authenticity. Word of warning, I do suspect you might be inadvertently challenging the Australian core identity by dispensing gay ethnic sweet treats that ignites the nation’s spine chilling fear of boats. Be prepared, don’t let the Queen’s supporters interpret you in the style of Murdoch re-telling. I hear they definitely prefer nuts.

I am of the opinion that a well preserved fruit could be just the ticket and potentially the saving of us all. It makes me green with envy just thinking of all those voters savouring your delicious morsels. So go forth fine lady. Show your face. Spread your candied dates. But do not forget to cast your vote!

Yours in suffrage,
Miss April

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