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Antique Jewellery Collections: Unmissable Links!

This blog does of course celebrate the collecting desire. Closest to the MOLAM heart is antique jewellery, particularly the field of mourning and sentimental jewellery. Many of our readers are friendly with the Art of Mourning site; the most generous, spectacular and in-depth reference site for aficionados of mourning jewellery. Well, there are some other reference pages that also display a generous spirit in sharing their pieces. Let’s take a look:

Cathy Gordon

Possibly one of the most spectacular collections I’ve had the pleasure of eye-molesting. The collector is knowledgeable in an array of fields, and a noted expert on Miriam Haskell jewellery, but it is her Stuart Crystal and eye miniatures that gets my heart racing!

Things Gone By

This is an online retail space, but there are links to previous sales that prove to be a wealth of reference material. Some glorious pieces here on their Things Gone By Museum page.

Time Dances By

The combination of pugs and mourning jewellery – perfecto! Time Dances By is also generous enough to keep links to previously sold items on their Museum page, these type of archival pages are invaluable research links.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Of course many public institutions have started to list their collections on-line, but the V&A are of an altogether different league for antique jewellery enthusiasts. Prepare to be amazed.

Don Shelton

Don Shelton has an extraordinary blog showcasing his extraordinary collection of portrait miniatures. For jewellery enthusiasts you would know that the traditional portrait miniature crossed over into sentimental and mourning jewellery and you will find much to learn and delight in on this site.

Morning Glory Antiques

Morning Glory is another on-line vintage and antique jewellery store, but it to keeps numerous links to previous sales, as well articles and reference information. There are many links to peruse, but Georgian jewelry, and Victorian jewelry are of particular interest.

Museum of Love and Mortality

What? Who me? Yes, we have a Facebook page which we posted a number of personal collection items onto but then Pinterest came along, so we are slowly posting images on there. Also, included are special items that although not in our collection are ones that we admire and covet!

Do you have other reference sites to recommend? Please do so in the comments section below to share knowledge!

From my own personal collection of mourning jewellery. A lovely mourning miniature, 18th C or early 19th C, dedicated to H.

13 thoughts on “Antique Jewellery Collections: Unmissable Links!

  1. Thank-you for sharing this list Marielle, and that gorgeous pendant (of which I’m envious!). Another wonderful online resource is Historic New England. They not only have a fabulous collection of mourning jewelry, amongst other great things (like antique shoes), but most of the collection is online. For mourning jewelry, go to the Collections Access link and type in mourning: http://www.historicnewengland.org/collections-archives-exhibitions/collections-access.

    And, if I may again plug the mourning jewelry and artifact exhibition I co-curated which is on now at the Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston, you can see some examples from the MHS collection on exhibit on their website: http://www.masshist.org.
    Be sure to see the Object of the Month for October, the Mary Otis Gray ring; at the end of the article there is an extensive list of reading resources and some web links, including http://www.artofmourning.

    Thanks again!
    Best wishes,
    Sarah Nehama

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