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Consolation in Sorrow

I am lucky enough to have in my personal library a book entitled ‘The Mourner’s Friend or Sighs of Sympathy For Those Who Sorrow’. It is a collection of prose and verse compiled to give comfort to the grieving. Edited by J.B. Syme, published in 1852 by S.A. Howland in Worcester, Mass, USA; its contents are predominantly by American authors. My copy of the book has some water damage, ageing paper, and precarious binding, so before it deteriorates my project to preserve the words of the authors will find its way here on the MOLAM blog. 

Consolation in Sorrow

It is not to the tomb that God will carry those whom you love. The fleshly garments may be carried there, but the living soul God places not in the tomb. Think, then, that at any moment the objects of your fond love may be withdrawn to the spiritual world. Thus your affection will be spiritualized. Yo will regard those whom God kindly makes dear, not as beings of time, but as immortal beings. Your love will be love of the soul. You will become true friends to one another, as angels are friends to one another in heaven. You will find mutual delight in prayer, and in efforts to aid each other along life’s pilgrimage. Every day you will gather a leaf from the tree of life, and in weave it into the band which unites you to the beloved one ; and when at last the hour of separation comes, you will find that the band of union has become altogether amaranthine, and not a leaf shall wither before death’s cold breath. Affections, thus spiritualized, thus rendered immortal, what beauty and happiness do they impart to life ! what superiority do they give over death ! And when the hour of reunion comes to those who have thus loved, O, its bliss, what tongue can tell ? That bliss may the heavenly Father graciously grant unto us all !

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