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It’s that Art time of year again

Apparently galleries are dead and art fairs are where its at. Usually this sentiment goes hand-in-hand with an article about art fair oligarchs so I’m not sure if this is a permanent truism, but it is Melbourne Art Fair season and that’s always a bit of fun.

The Vernissage is done and dusted, loads of champagne, strict no service deadline, people trying to steal bottles over the bar (shh), perhaps not as a busy or buzzy vibe as past years but its the biggest thing on Melbourne’s art calendar still so lets not get too above our own station.

I’m quite partial to the odd wall sculpture myself, and Japan consistently delivers with Yamaki Art Gallery from Osaka becoming a regular exhibitor. Masayuki Tsubota’s beautiful work has become quite a draw card along with Toshimatsu Kuremoto’s tiny men.

I know how he feels. Small scale wall sculpture by Toshimatsu Kuremoto.

More miniature men appear in a bit of interior mind action going on in Ewen Coates sculptures. And again in Kendal Murray’s assemblages, along with miniature ladies and melodrama.

Fox/Jensen Gallery oblige us with some very fancy international artists. Is this so strange? Actually, yes. Australian galleries have Australian artists so it is quite a privilege to be able to see first hand the work of some illustrious names of the abstract ilk. A few home grown artists make the cut though, Tomislav Nikolic and Jude Rae are there. It’s hard to miss Nikolic’s one-two punch – they are fiery personalities. Berlin based  Arndt Gallery were here also exhibiting Sophie Calle.  Word is they are doing another project here in Melbourne soon so will keep you posted.

I suspect they want to be noticed. Gorgeous and not shy diptych by Tomislav Nikolic at the Fox/Jensen stand.

PAINT. Love it. Rex Irwin shows paint by Tim McMonagle. Yum.

We love our pavlova here. Tim McMonagle’s sensual handling of paint, glorious paint at Rex Irwin.

However, for lovers and friends and frenemies of art there are other things happening as well over the Art Fair weekend and beyond. Like…

Fox/Jensen again. Over at Greenwood Street ProjectsUmmm, yes, they do like abstraction. I love serious Germans and their Serious Art. This project is akin to a pop-up museum of international art.

The Cameron Hayes show which I wrote about last month is currently open at Dark Horse Experiment and will be until September 2. Receiving some media attention and discussion already, deservedly so. Nice one.

The New Fair – a pretty ballsy new start up fair by KalimanRawlins but for some reason they keep reminding me via Facebook that I am not VIP enough to score an invitation to the preview. I actually don’t require that persistent reminder. I am comfortably self-aware.

The Notfair.

Its the weekend to go and see art in Melbourne. Please do so.

Upon departure. Footpath 10.30pm outside Royal Exhibition Building 1st August. In the art world we call this detritus but that is so 5 years ago. Now we are back to calling it rubbish. Wasteful sad sacks – pick up your rubbish.

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